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Wonderlust and Dunhill invited me to participate in the Summer Well Festival where I was tasked to create an illustration for a large-scale art installation and craft an immersive experience that combined fantasy, storytelling, and the energetic festival atmosphere.


In a land far beyond the reach of humans, there lay a mystical forest known as the Wanderlust Forest. It was home to creatures of all shapes and sizes - from tiny fairies to giant beasts. The forest was so vast that it was said to be impossible to navigate through without getting lost.

But beneath the surface of the nearby sea, there was another world just as mysterious and magical. The underwater world was home to jellyfish and other sea creatures with unique abilities and personalities.

Despite the vast differences between the two worlds, the Wonderlost Forest and the Underwater Love creatures were curious about each other. They had heard stories of the other's existence, but none had dared to venture too far from their domain.

Forest Siode

Wonderlust Forest

Underwaterlove @ Seummer Well Festival

Underawater love

Summer Well Festial Illustration


Summer Well Festival takes place at The Stirbey Palace, Romania's most significant event venue.

The park has an area of 24 ha, over 400 year-old trees, a beautiful inland lake and an opening to Buftea Lake.

There are 7 locations for private or corporate events.

Summer Well Festial Illustration

By using a unique 3D painting technique, you will be able to "discover" hidden images hidden from view on level 2. Layher Allround® Scaffold platforms will be mounted from place to place with pairs of oversized glasses with coloured lenses, allowing the images mounted on unique frames to be broken down into the structure.

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