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Human interaction with the world is supposed to be simple and engaging.
I am constantly trying to enable this relationship through art and design.

City of black gold

I was born in Ploiesti, Romania. From an early age, I discovered my passion for drawing and pursued it throughout my studies. After art college, I moved to Bucharest to continue my journey as a designer at the University of Arts. Whilst growing as a designer and art director, I continuously nurtured my first love for urban art with street interventions and commissioned works. Throughout my career, I developed my unique street art style, moving away from traditional graffiti lettering.

Street Art Romania

One of my unique strengths is creating intricate effects using spray cans and brushes as primary tools. However, I constantly explore and learn from different mediums - I'm a lifelong student. I love to play with contrasting and vibrant colours and soft and hard lines, which add depth and texture to my works. In all my pieces, you will encounter the bird as a primary symbol. I feel deeply connected to the ideas of freedom and eternity it captures throughout cultures. 

Currently living and working in Berlin

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